Studies for Laura Breglia, 3 vols.

Studies for Laura Breglia, 3 vols., Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Rome 1987, pp. 760 overall, 29 cm, cart. ed., slipcase ed.

Supplement to n. 4 of the Numismatics Bulletin.

Part I: Generalia, Greek numismatics.

Part II: Roman, medieval and modern numismatics.

Part III: Archeology and history.

From the Summaries: ROBERTO GOBL, Eckelianum I. Die Krise der Numismatik; KARL CHRIST, Alte geschichte und Antike Numismatik. Gedanken zu den Entwicklungen in Deutschland; NICOLA F. PARISE, ΔPEΙΙANA "Premonetary signs" non-existent; NK RUTTER, Herodotus 1.94.1 and the "first finders" of coinage; GIOVANNI GORINI, Riconiazioni of Crotone on didrachme of Agrigento; ALDINA CUTRONI TUSA, New considerations on the problem of the circulation of pegasi in Sicily; MARIA A. MASTELLONI, Monetary finds in Reggio Calabria; SALVATORE GARRAFFO, Crotoniensia. From the incuse to the double relief; MARIA CACCAMO CALTABIANO, The decadrammi of Evainetos and Kimon for a naval expedition to the East; MARTA CAMPO, Las monedas de los Tesoros de Pont de Molins, Tarragona y Rosas del Gabinet Numismatic de Catalttnya (4th century BC); MARINA TALIERCIO MENSITIERI, SymboIi, letters, initials on the bronze of Neapolis; ULLA \ VESTERMARK, Notes on Macedonian bronze coins; FIORENZO CATALLI, The coinage of Todi in an 18th century manuscript; ALDO SICILIANO, Valesio: coin closet from the III century BC; ADRIANA TRAVAGLINI, Nttmismatic documentation of the Brindisi necropolis in Via Cappuccini. Preliminary note; ANDREA PAUTASSO, A contribution of the Padana numismatics to the traditional dating of the denarius; LEANDRE VILLARONGA, Usa de la ceca de Emporion por los Romanos, para cubrir sus necesidades financieras en the Iberian Peninsula during the Second Punic War; HUBERT ZEHNACKER, Le triens des Servilii et le bronze patrimonial; EMANUELA ERCOLANI COCCHI, The monetary circulation in Emilia Romagna between the end of the III and the I century BC; PATRIZIA SERAFIN PETRILLO, On the "evaluation" of Vittoriato; C. CAPILUPPI, GF MISSIROLI, G. Russo, G. TABARRONI, A Vittoriato in tinned copper without traces of silver; PATRIZIO PENSABENE, Nummulary card from the area of Magna Mater and Vittoria on the Palatine; VITTORIO PICOZZI, The attributes of Vulcan on the puteal scibonianum; CHV SUTHERLAND, Variation of Emphasis Between the Res Gestae and the types of the imperial Augustus coinage; ROSALIA MACALUSO, Counter-brands with symbols on Augustus' dupondi; ALBERTO BALIL, The "hierarchical" perspective and other perspectives in the farnan coinage of the Julio-Claudian age; GIANFRANCO GAGGERO, Testimonies and problems of numismatics in the work of Suetonius; ROSSELLA PERA, Commodus ΘΛMΠIOΣ on some coins of the city of Ephesus; MARIA R-ALFOLDl, Schildbilder der Romischen Kaiser auf Munzen und multiple; PIERRE BASTIEN, Le buste à main levée dans de monnayage romain; ANNIE N. ZADOKS-JITTA, Gold Jewel Coins from the Netherlands; LUCIANO CAMILLI, A coin erased by Maximin of the Smyrna Mint; PATRICK BRUUN, Pairs of Likenesses; LELLIA CRACCO RUGGINI, Utopia and reality of a monetary reform: The "Anonymus de rebus bellicis" and Valentiniani; JEAN-PIERRE CALLU, JEAN-NOEL BARRANDON, Note sur les sous Gaulois au V 's. de notre ère; etc.

Slight signs of aging, otherwise in excellent condition.


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