Storeroom of the Venèra, vol. I, Gordian III-Quintillo

Storeroom of the Venèra. New illustrated catalog, edited by Jean-Baptiste Giard, vol. I, J.-B. Giard, Gordiano III-Quintillo, Rome 1995, The Herm of Bretschneider, pp. 139, 18 pl., Cm 21, br. and. with slipcase.

At the top of the title page: Municipality of Verona, Museums and Art Galleries, Center National de la Recherche Scientifique.

The storage room of Venèra, which takes its name from the place where about 47,000 Roman coins were found in 1876, is one of the most consistent and important monetary finds of the third century AD because it presents an extraordinary quantity of unpublished or extremely rare specimens. Its cataloging according to updated scientific criteria was started in 1981.

Small signature of possession on the title page.

In excellent condition.


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