Systèmes et technologie des monnaies de bronze

Bernard Bouyon, Georges Depeyrot, Jean-Luc Desnier, Systèmes et technologie des monnaies de bronze (4 s. Avant J.-C. - 3 s. Après J.-C.), Moneta, Wetteren 2000, pp. 208, richly illustrated, 4 plates, 30 cm, br. and.

Series: Coin, 19.

In ancient times, money shops made large quantities of bronze coins, experimenting with different technological solutions. The main advances were the result of the experiments of the Ptolemaic monetary laboratory of Alexandria (3rd century BC) which benefited from the research of the Syracuse school. A perfect mastery of technology allowed the Ptolemies to impose monetary reforms, to make ever heavier bronzes, to modify the alloys to issue large quantities of coins. Subsequently, the Hellenistic rulers and the Roman emperors experimented with new casting and engraving techniques with alloys. These technological evolutions are investigated in detail in the work.

Insignificant signs of aging, otherwise in excellent condition.

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