Museo Sanclementiani numismata selecta, Liber secundus

Enrico Sanclemente, Musei Sanclementiani numismata selecta imperatorum romanorum graeca aegyptiaca et coloniarum illustrata cum figuris. Pars I, Liber secundus, typis Vincentii Poggioli an. vulg. aer., Romee 1808, pp. VIII, 352, splendid chalcographic engravings interspersed in the text, at the title page and at the end, 14 pl. engraved in copper numbered from XIII to XXVI, 30 cm, contemporary paperback.

General of the Camaldolese Order and Cardinal, Enrico Sanclemente lived in Rome under the pontificate of Pius VI and Pius VI. For the papal government he bought the medal collection of the Duke of Bracciano in which the collection of Christina of Sweden had converged. This is the second volume of the monumental work, consisting of four volumes, which illustrates his collection of coins, subsequently alienated, through the director Gaetano Cattaneo, to the Civic Archaeological and Numismatic Library of Milan, together with the original drawings and plates used for the print volumes.

Some flowering at the tables, otherwise it works in excellent condition with fresh paper and beards.

Extremely rare.


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